Pilates Privates

Experienced, professional, personalized attention where your mind and body connection most needs it, focusing on range of movement and pain relief.



If you are new to pilates or need a bit more individual attention, privates are the way to go. You will have the opportunity to learn the other pieces of pilates apparatus: the Cadillac, wunda chair, spine corrector and ped-a-pul. All of these will better inform your work on the reformer and mat.



"The Practice" re-aligns the individual. It is a 10-series by which the teacher and client dive deep into the pilates practice, mind/body relationship. Together, teacher and client visit any issues of physical limitations and discomfort. Classical pilates, functional movement and hands-on bodywork are employed to align the body, decrease tension and help the client better understand the mind/body dialogue. This series can be scheduled with any Movement Specialist on staff.