“My interest lies in the complexity of the mind-body dialogue. In working with the body, I have found that movement and relaxation are key for good health. I’ve worked with a variety of conditions including: chronic back pain, muscular dystrophy and auto-immune disease. I use a myriad of techniques including the full pilates repertoire, coordination patterns, somatics, and functional movement in order to assist my clients with proper alignment, nervous system health, strength and flexibility. I have most recently developed a class called The SHIFT which challenges the body, our thoughts and how the two affect one another.” – Meghan Pickrell, M.S.


Kinesiologist and Movement Specialist

Owner and Director

A dancer since the age of 7, Meghan has worked as a Movement Specialist since 2002. After studying with the Utah Ballet, she earned her B.A. in dance from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her education continued with Carole Amend and others at Bodies Mind® in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there she learned the full pilates repertoire, Wetzig Coordination Patterns™, movement phenomenology, and more, thereby earning the title of Movement Specialist. She returned to academia in 2009, earning her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology from Cal State – Northridge as well as her Level 1 training for the Trager® approach. She opened Mind & Motion in 2011, solidifying her commitment to helping others through a holistic approach to the practice of movement.